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Wealth Creation & Investment Management

At Wealth Guru we focus on wealth creation by giving you options to help meet your objectives in the future. We invest to build and grow your money so that you can afford to be financially independent.

Whilst working people can save or invest a portion of their cash flow whilst paying down debts and maintaining their lifestyle. Depending on your age, taxable income, free cash flow and lifestyle needs there are a range of ways that you can look to grow your wealth. When making investment decisions there are a range of factors that we consider such as your timeline, risk tolerance, inflation, tax rates, structure and need for liquidity to ensure that you are comfortable with our advice.

Risk Management & Wealth preservation

At Wealth Guru we will ensure you have a well structured protection plan in place. Personal insurance cover is to protect you and your family in case something happens that impacts your health and ability to earn an income. Thus, giving you a peace of mind, knowing your have your back covered.

A well structured protection plan includes:

• Life Insurance provides a lump sum payment in the event of death or terminal illness. It’s the most common form of cover and helps ensure that your family is financially safe and secure.
• TPD – this type of insurance provides a lump sum benefit if the insured person is unable to work again due to sickness or injury. Benefits paid can be used to cover medical costs, make necessary modifications to the home, or supplement personal income.
• Trauma Insurance provides a lump sum payment when a specified critical illness occurs. This type of cover is designed to help with the financial impact of critical illnesses such as heart attack and cancer.
• Income Protection Insurance is designed to help make ends meet if you’re unable to work due to sickness or injury. The premiums paid for Income Protection Insurance are usually tax deductable.

Superannuation Strategies

Superannuation has been specifically designed and endorsed by the Federal Government as the preferred way to save for your retirement and has added tax benefits that make it particularly attractive.

We will help you build wealth in your super using some of the below listed strategies, applicable to your situation.

• Personal Deductable Contributions
• Salary Sacrifice
• Non-Concessional Contributions
• Cash Out and Re-contribution to Super
• Co-contribution
• Super Consolidation
• Downsizer Super Contribution
• Splitting Superannuation Contributions
• Spouse Contributions

Retirement Planning

Superannuation has been specifically designed and endorsed by the Federal Government as the preferred way to save for your retirement and has added tax benefits that make it particularly attractive.

• How much Do I need to Retire comfortably

Thanks to our high standard of living and medical advances, Australians are living longer than ever before. A male retiring at age 60 will likely spend around 22 years in retirement and a female 26 years*. While this is good news, being able to enjoy such a lengthy retirement may cost more than you think.

According to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA), an individual seeking a comfortable lifestyle needs a yearly income of $40,297 (after tax) ^. That requires savings of $533,088 at retirement to provide this level of income for the next 20 years +.

• Plan Ahead - Responsible Retirement Planning

When we draw up a plan, we conduct in-depth analysis to learn about you and understand your current situation and goals so we can present you with the most appropriate options to suit you in retirement.

We can discuss your ideal retirement lifestyle and when you’d like to stop working. We can also help you work out how much income you might need in retirement and gain an understanding of the types of investments and risks you are comfortable with.

Whether you are approaching retirement or still a few years away, it’s important that you understand all the options available to suit you and your ideal retirement such as:

• transition to retirement strategies
• boosting your retirement savings
• allocated pension
• tax-effective strategies
• annuities
• estate planning


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